Post Rock Stoney Point

RMHA#1998005479    KMSHA#20020216 


This agreement is by and between Debby Eichelberger, here after referred to Stallion Owner,


and ___________________________, here after referred to as Mare OwnerStallion


Owner hereby agrees to breed___________________(RMHA#_______KMSHA#______)

by artificial insemination during the breeding season of 2011. Mare Owner hereby agrees to pay

the following fees for service pursuant to this agreement:

            1.  A nonrefundable $500.00 basic stud fee.  This fee is for the 2011 breeding

season.   Each additional breeding after this will carry an additional charge of $100.00 per

sent semen shipment. 

            2.  A fee of $_________ shall be charged for collection of semen and shipping container

and shipping each time semen is shipped. Mare Owner will pay this fee to the collecting

veterinarian before semen is sent. Contact Stallion Owner for list of vets in area. Stallion

Owner uses Waller Equine( - phone # is 936-931-2900). 

Semen shall be sent to: 





Stallion OwnerDebby Eichelberger

                                 3173 Brooks Road, Bellville, TX 77418

                                 (979) 865-8410    

Additional comments:

    It is agreed by the parties hereto that if the stallion (Post Rock Stoney Point) should die, be

sold, or become unfit for breeding before serving the mare (_________________), or if said

mare should die, be sold, or become unfit for breeding before served, this agreement is and shall

be null and void. Stallion Owner will return basic stud fee if said stallion has not yet serviced

said mare at least one time. 

 Mare Owner:________________________ContactNumbers__________________________




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