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      Sam Tuttle bred one of his mares to the HINDS' STUD (Old Tobe) and she had a stud colt named Tobe in 1942.  Tobe is credited with being the primary stallion of the Rocky Mountain Horse breed. He was a chocolate stallion with a flaxen mane and tail.  Tobe was used for breeding up to the age of 34. He died at the age of 37. He sired many fine horses during his lifetime and but only five of his sons were registered in the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. These five sons of Tobe have come to be know as the foundation stallions of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association.


The Five Sons of Tobe 

 Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, Sewell's Sam, Yankee, Maple's Squirrel and Sam

Clemons' Tim are the five sons of Tobe that were registered in the RMHA before the

 books were closed.  Many of the foundation mares were sired by other sons of Tobe and other mountain horse stallions. Tobe passed many wonderful traits on to his offspring; among them are gait, disposition and longevity.  Thunder, Blue Boy, Satan and Trigger are four other know sons of Tobe.  Tobe also sired many daughters who became foundation mares in the RMHA.



Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown


  Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, also known as the Ohio Horse, sired over 600 offspring. He is buried at Shiloh Farm in Ohio.  His black granite tombstone is inscribed "Father of the modern-day Rocky Mountain Horse". Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown was know for passing on his beauty, style and stamina. Some of his offspring are Nuncio, Choco, Johnson's Toby, Three Sons Savior and Dan's Dusty Action.


Sam Clemons' Tim



   Sam Clemons' Tim  was known for producing quality offspring with good dispositions, good gaits and pretty heads.  He never entered a show ring but sired many show horses.  Some of his offspring are Blue Rain, Tim's Jaywalker, Blue Smokin' Sambo, Jubal T. and Diana's Blue Star.


Sewell's Sam


     Sam was a dark chocolate stallion with a white mane and tail.  He was a big-boned, stocky horse with a long, thick and wavy mane and tail.  Sam is known for passing on his wonderful disposition.  Of all of the sons of Tobe, Sam produced the most gentle and "laid back" offspring.  Sewell's Sam sired Broken Bone's Sam'son, Buddy Roe, Toco Sam and Caudill's Casey.


Maple's Squirrel


Maple's Squirrel was owned by Lawrence Maples who described the horse as

 follows..."He could climb a mountain like a squirrel goin' up a tree!" He passed  his great disposition as well as his wonderful ability to adapt to his rider off to his numerous offspring.  He sired more than 100 Rocky Mountain Horses, the majority of which were mares.  Some of his well-known offspring are Squirrel Too, Squirrel's Pet, Classic Squirrel, Bryan's Dot, Kelly Martin's Dolly and Squirrel's Milagro.




   Yankee at 15.2 hands was the tallest of the five sons of Tobe.  He was the last stallion that Sam Tuttle used as a stud.  His registration paperwork lists his name as Yankee (Ragtime) but his offspring list him as Yankee. Yankee was known for passing on his gentle temperament, smooth gait and height. Some of his many offspring are Yankee Clipper, China Blue, Red Gail and Yankee Traveler.


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